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Was your website designed to meet all of your needs and custom target your specific audience?

Website design needs a delicate balance between structure and function. Your web developer, first and foremost, must consider the user experience. Gaber Marketing builds a custom website to your company’s goals and target audience. Custom website development allows the company brand to shine while simultaneously not losing any of the user experience. Learn more about Gaber Marketing and the custom web development process.

The needs behind our client – OELS.

OELS first came to us in search of a large spread of marketing print collateral to back up a new brand identity. OELS required print development of informational pieces that establish their authority in their field as an HR resource. Joining a PEO has many benefits. However, if companies don’t know about you or trust that you can bring these benefits to the table, then you cannot help them. That’s where Gaber Marketing stepped in.

Gaber Marketing’s graphic design department created an array of impressive leaflets for insurance details, general informational handouts, and line cards. We further produced an easily recognizable pocket folder for the prospective client base.

Additionally, they needed an interactive proposal document. We custom build a clean design reusable by anyone in the organization. Gaber Marketing completed the graphic design marketing package with a logo and business cards. Yet, the client still needed a digital presence and a new website design. See our portfolio for OELS.

What our lead designer did for OELS’ website.

The OELS website development began, as any good website design should, with their brand and company core concepts in mind. Branding sets you apart in highly competitive fields. A PEO delivers benefits and assurances to employees, but what they offer the employer is freeing up essential employees’ time from cumbersome HR tasks and regulations. Our web designer upheld their new brand concept of saving clients time then marketed the new brand strategy to relay this concept as OELS’ unique identity.

In this case, our client asked the web developer to design a single homepage to expand on later. Although this is an unusual case and not explicitly recommended for proper website development, Gaber Marketing is always willing to discuss client needs.

Gaber Marketing as a premier web development company.

Website development refers to all the work going into building a website. The development of a website includes the physical build and coding but also research, design, user experience, user psychology, typography, content development, SEO, and so much more. These tiny, often forgotten pieces make the difference between a website that functions and a website that gets engagement.

Gaber Marketing Studios is a full-service marketing agency. In our web development department, we create custom websites for businesses in every industry. As a highly recommended and premier web developer, our designs are built custom for each client to ensure the best results and a positive user experience.

We start with detailed research and development into your target audience and your brand identity. Suppose you do not have a server environment. In that case, we’ll recommend a web application server for your new website design and web development services.

All websites built by Gaber Marketing include a responsive website design for viewing on a mobile device or tablet. Responsive web design ensures that the website works efficiently on any screen size to accommodate what kind of digital device the user is viewing on. A responsive design will make the website resize and configure usability to different screen dimensions. So, your viewers will see you on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, computer, or possibly even a smartwatch.

The web content includes SEO for ranking algorithms in search engines. We use the latest in keyword research techniques and design web page content to be both search engine friendly and engaging to the audience. Your words have to intrigue the reader as well as supply top ranking in search engine algorithms. The simple reasoning behind this is that great content that doesn’t get seen is not useful. Likewise, top-ranking without engaging content that gets results is equally useless.

Design often starts with a color palette and typography. Our graphic designer uses user psychology while developing the page layouts to ensure the best possible user experience.

We use marketing to touch peoples’ emotions

After design and development are complete, it’s time for marketing to step in. When it comes to marketing Gaber Marketing Studios uses innovative ideas and eye-catching designs. We value the ability of marketing to touch people’s emotions. Because when you strike a heartstring, you become something special and memorable.

The customer perceives value in a company as both physical or emotional. The difference is that potential customers more often respond to emotional value rather than tangible benefits. Understanding this statistic, we build the story behind your product or service to inspire customer response.

Our motto is, always create something they won’t forget. Using a psychology-focused approach, we design on new levels as never before. Our graphic designer is skilled at composing beauty that effectively communicates your ideas to your target audience. After all, what’s the point of a good design if it fails to convey the message.

Tips and Advice

Want professional tips on traditional and digital marketing. Here are a few tidbits to help guide your path.

  • Split your marketing into both short-term and long-term goals. – Don’t ever allow your marketing to be single-shot or short-sighted. Long-term plans are essential for the continued success of your business.

  • Forward-thinking must include a digital presence no matter what the size or industry of your business. – If you’re not keeping up with technology, you can bet your competitors are, which places you at a disadvantage. Don’t fool yourself by thinking you’re a local business and therefore don’t need a digital presence. Google My Business is a prime example of digital tools that are now an integral part of the consumer experience. Google My Business is how people search the web and find local businesses in their area. Customers use this tool to find local businesses and to map them.
  • Take customer feedback seriously. – Don’t just read your customer comments; use feedback to change and improve your business. You cannot please everyone, but when you get a few negative comments about the same issue, it’s time to correct the problem. You should send customer feedback to your marketing agency to track your ideal target audience and results as well as improve the message for future marketing.

  • Include video marketing in your marketing campaign. – Video marketing as a digital tool is growing rapidly. It is proven that more audience members will view a video before they read an article (which is why we appreciate you’re reading this one). But the point is, video is huge and only continuing to bloom. Furthermore, video reaches the audience member on multiple levels (sight, sound, emotion, message), increasing your chances of consumer engagement. Don’t let this tool pass you by.

Digital Marketing Syracuse

There is so much to learn about how we reach our customer’s expectations and how we produce successful marketing strategies. Yet, we also understand that a business owner’s time is valuable. You likely don’t want to spend it reading a lengthy article on our marketing tactics and website development process. Yet, if you want to learn more about how we create beautiful custom website designs built individually for your needs, please visit our website and discover the digital age of web design. What to know about digital ads, social media, SEO services, videography… Yes, we have them too. We hope you enjoy everything you see. Take a refreshing moment and look around some. See the creativity behind the minds that will design your next marketing campaign.

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